Prototype for low-cost CLT construction

This was a CLT building prototype meant to popularize the material and was selected by the Forestry Agency’s subsidization program (『CLT等新たな製品・技術活用建築物実証事業』- Demonstration projects for buildings using new products/technologies such as CLT). Incorporating CLT load-bearing walls and seismic walls into a conventional frame structure simplifies structural calculations and improves workability. At the same time, universally available metal fittings for houses were used as fittings between the members to reduce costs. The project has made its mark on Japan’s CLT architecture roadmap.


Prototype for low-cost CLT construction(Completed in February 2015)

  • Client and general contractor : Haseman.Inc
  • Architect : Satoru Yamashiro+buildingLandscape
  • Technical instruction : Institute of Industrial Science,the University of Tokyo Mikio Koshihara
  • Design period : October 2014~December 2014
  • Principal use : Office and Rest Area inside Precut factory
  • Location : Tatebayashi City, Gunma
  • Total area : 55㎡
  • Photographer : buildingLandscape