Miyamura Veterinary Clinic

This was an architectural design project that suggests the possibilities of mass timber buildings through its use of mokuso (layered wood) walls with semi-fireproof qualities in a load-bearing wooden wall structure; buildingLandscape was involved in the development of these walls as well. A conventional frame is combined with thick LVL boards and an LVL board structure stands symbolically on the main elevation to the south. The 150mm-thick, layered LVL surface is exposed on the inside, and on the outside, a 30mm-thick LVL finish is applied to the LVL structural skeleton.


Miyamura Veterinary Clinic(Completed in October 2015)

  • Architect : Toshihiko Suzuki/Atelier OPA + Takao Nishizawa/buildingLandscape
  • Supervision of LVL design :Satoru Yamashiro
  • Structure/Fireproof engineer : Team Sakura
  • Mechanical engineer : Pilotis
  • Lighting design : Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design
  • Design period : January 2014~March 2015
  • Construction period:April 2015~October 2015
  • General contractor : Daiwa Koumuten Co. ltd.
  • Principal use : Animal hospital with hospitalization facilities
  • Location : Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
  • Total area : 246㎡
  • Scale : 3 stories
  • Photographer : Sadamu Saito, buildingLandscape
  • Award : Japan Wood Design Award 2015、19th Mokuzai Katsuyou concours(木材活用コンクール)Director of the Forestry Agency Award(2016)