A CLT hybrid prototype was realized for the Oita Mokuzai Kaikan. The Oita Mokuzai Kaikan is an office building with a large, unpartitioned office space on the first floor,  a group of small-scale tenants on the second floor and a large conference room on the third floor. Through this project, we strove to establish a CLT-based prototype for the future of mass timber buildings in our country.

The project proposes a hybrid building made of solid and laminated CLT lumber. In terms of the form, a CLT double core containing the wet area and vertical circulation is arranged on the west and east. This allows the central space to be an open area made of solid and laminated material. The east-west double core not only functions as a structural body but also as an environmental buffer by controlling the effect of the setting sun on indoor spaces, etc.

As a mass timber prototype, it was important for wood materials to be used in places that would be visible from the outside. However, wood used on the exterior of a building experiences some amount of aging, even when measures like protective paint are applied. After studying ways in which wooden materials can be used on the exterior of a building while maintaining the beautiful appearance of wood, we came up with an urban prototype for CLT mass timber in which wood is used in places that are protected from the rain, such as areas under the eaves, and fiber reinforced cement siding infused with wood chips is used in places exposed to rain and wind.

CLT Hybrid Prototype

  • Architect : Satoru Yamashiro + buildingLandscape
  • Structure/Fireproof engineer: Team Sakura
  • Mechanical engineer:Pilotis
  • Design period : January 2015~October 2017
  • Principal use : Office
  • Location : Oita city, Oita
  • Structure : Wooden structure
  • Site area : 1368.12㎡
  • Building area : 559.24㎡
  • Total area : 1340.31㎡
  • Scale : 3 stories