Omotenashi Station on Sinmon-dori

In this project, the old shophouses along the approach to Izumo Shrine were reborn with a new design through the CitySwitch machizukuri (community building) workshop. We strove to create a place for people to interact with one another by going one step beyond the conventional visitor’s center and thinking about how the local community can welcome visitors to the area (omotenashi) — and then putting this into practice. LVL is used on a portion of the interior walls and burned cedar is used for the exterior.


Omotenashi Station on Sinmon-dori(completed in September 2012)

  • Basic design:Satoru Yamashiro+buildingLandscape
  • Detailed design+Construction Management:Esumi Atelier、Kankyo Setsubi Keikaku、Izumo City Urban Construction Department Building Housing Division
  • General contractor : Yamakou Co., Ltd.
  • Shelf for brochure design and construction:Toshikatsu Kiuchi, Workshop Participants
  • Total area : 51㎡
  • Photographer : Makoto Furukawa
  • Award : Good Design Award 2015