Our Mission

Although the buildings, products and events that we are able to create are but small specks as seen from society as a whole, we still strive to make proposals that can spread back out into society.
At buildingLandscape, we develop our designs based on three approaches: “Research and Development,” which not only helps us provide designs fit to the individual project and requirements, but also connects projects and helps us give back to society, “Urban Regeneration” and “Overseas Construction.”

Research And Development

Research And Development

As architects, we develop new architectural designs in collaboration with businesses and universities; this includes our involvement in the research and development of materials and construction methods for realizing mass timber buildings in LVL and CLT.

Apart from our participation in the Japan LVL Association’s development of construction methods using LVL, we have also designed buildings using CLT, a material that has drawn considerable attention in recent years. We are thus proud to say that we have leading-edge knowledge in the field of mass timber buildings. Other achievements include joint research commissioned by universities, design research for a comprehensive electronics manufacturer, and research and prototype design for a materials manufacturer.
Through our participation from the research and development phase, rather than just combining existing construction methods and products, we hope to expand the possibilities of design.

Project Design

Machizukuri (community-building) and facilitation

We open architectural design to the public though our urban design workshop called CitySwitch – a participatory workshop organized to create things and events by gathering together and exchanging knowledge – as well as our skills in workshop facilitation.

Our work involves studying the local area and identifying the problems that should be resolved. At the same time, we also design opportunities to discuss resolution methods and produce events, installations and videos that help us share the ideas that were born through such endeavors. Based on such experiences, we have engaged not only in community building in the narrow sense of the word, but also in the design of workshops for sharing information and knowledge within businesses as well as the facilitation of discussions for new model development within a housing manufacturer.
We strive to be an organization that can work together with others in searching for what is truly required in any situation.

Overseas Construction Projects

Overseas Construction Projects

Through our participation in university education and workshops abroad, we have also actively engaged in overseas projects.

Although we are no longer stationed permanently in the area, we have been involved in creating various masterplans and ideas in Dalian City, China. We also constructed a local stadium and two elementary schools in the area. We hope to apply the vast experience we were able to gain from such projects in the design of large-scale facilities within Japan as well as other projects overseas.